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Before any analytics ninja can start looking at website data he must first set up a generic Google Account in order to use Google Analytics.  Because Google offers so many services now, they have set up a single account login for people to use that allows access many the different online services, including  Google Analytics (such as  Google Webmaster Tools, Google Docs, Google Reader, etc.).

Step 1: Navigate to the Google New Account Page

In your Internet browser, go to the Google New Account page located at:

This will bring up the following form:

Google New Account Page

Google New Account Page

Step 2: Fill out Form

This step is pretty obvious, be stealthy and fill out the account information form as fast as you can – time is of the essence and the longer you wait, the longer it will take to begin tracking your visitors!  Enter the following:

Email address

Any ninja can use any email account they have for a Google Account.  It does not have to be gmail. Feel free to use your work email or personal email that’s attached to any domain.


Pick a nice password that gives you a “strong” response from Google.  Here are two good password idea recommendations:

  • Favorite Book/Movie Password:Pick your favorite book, movie, or saying and use it as an acronym then substitute a few good symbols.  For example, let’s say my favorite movie is “Enter the Dragon” then I could use “EntThDrag” as an abbreviation then substitute a few symbols for and have “3ntThDra8!”.
  • Backwards Crush Password:Remember your first crush?  What?  Ninjas don’t fall in love you say?  Of course they do.  My first crush was named Allison Jones.  So let’s take her name and spell backwards (I’m removing her full last name so save characters) “Jnosilla” and add some punch so it becomes “Jno$i11a”.

Remember me on this computer

Check this if you don’t want to have to log in to your account every time.  This will automatically keep you signed in to your Google Account so you can easily link from one Google program to the next without having to keep signing in.

Enable web history

This is another sneaky Google feature.  Any ninja knows that he must be aware of his surroundings at all times.  And he may even want to be able to re-visit past searches in case his memory gets spotty.  If you enable web history this lets you go back and see exactly what you searched for and when.

Google Web History

Google Web History


Not much needs to be said here.  Select your location.  If you are uncertain, you should not be an analytics ninja.  Turn around now and learn how to be another kind of ninja.

Word verification

I never saw a captcha I liked – seems they are always getting more and more creative with their cursive lettering – making it tougher and tougher for us ninjas to be quick.  Breathe in and concentrate, don’t let the captcha win.  Let the numbers speak.  Then type.

Terms of Service

Have you ever seen a ninja in court?  I have only once and it didn’t end well.  Quickly read and except the terms of conditions and click the “I accept. Create my account” button.

Step 3: Acknowledge the Redirect

After you’ve done you civic duty and signed up for a Google Account, you’ll get redirected to a friendly page that says Google is sending you an email confirmation.

Google Account Confirmation

Google Account Confirmation

Step 4: Click the Email Link

Finally the last step before we can start diving into analytics data.  Check  your email and find the confirmation link in the body text of the email Google sent.  Click it.

Google Account Email Verification

Google Account Email Verification

Step 5: Acknowledge the Final Confirmation

Now you have reached the end of your preliminary training.  You have successfully created a new Google Account and can begin the first stage of your journey: creating a Google Analytics Account.

Google Account Final Verification

Google Account Final Verification